There are a range of soft skills that are useful for any accountant to have, however if you are looking to develop your career long term, then there are some key skills that you should focus on.


Business Partner

Supporting the business

These are the soft skills that will set you apart from other accountants and make it clear that you are:

  • ready for the next promotion
  • are able to manage a team of people
  • can communicate effectively with non-finance colleagues
  • can be a proactive problem solver

Then you can become an effective Business Partner working closely with your non-financial colleagues to help provide effective solutions. You help provide effective and efficient solutions that enable your organisation to grow and develop.

Accountant As Business Partner

Managing people in your team for improved performance.

Problem Solving

Learn to deal with problems that have no right answers.


Good Communication skills are essential to get your message across effectively.

Accountant As Strategic Partner FD CFO

Strategic Partner

Leading the business

If you are aiming to be a Finance Director (FD) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) then you need to be taking your soft skills to a new level:

  • to be able to think at a strategic level
  • to lead and inspire others
  • to influence, persuade and negotiate
  • to have high levels of political awareness

If you develop your leadership skills then you can become the Strategic Partner that your CEO is looking for – a trusted advisor and thinking partner.


Leading larger teams, setting the direction and inspiring others to follow.

Strategic Thinking

Seeing the big picture, thinking and planning for the long term. Create an inspiring vision.


Influencing and persuading others, selling your solutions and negotiating office politics.